DSL End-User Policy


A Qwest (US West), or Verizon (GTE) DSL End-User Account must meet the following criteria:

DSL accounts not meeting the above restrictions are eligible for pricing under our business services. Please contact our sales department for pricing.

General DSL Account Restrictions

Internet Partners DSL use on any account is subject to the same general policy restrictions that all other usage of our service is subject to.

No DSL account holder may operate a webserver or other kind of server on a DSL account that offers large numbers of image files, mp3, other sound format files, or other high-megabyte-sized files for download. (ie: file-sharing programs) A customer may request a personal website from Internet Partners for this purpose, and/or link to it from a DSL website if desired. Customer must comply with all legislation, regulations, case law, and ordinances that regulate the transmission of information content over the Internet.

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