DSL Service

Do you qualify for DSL Service in your location? Internet Partners offers a full line of DSL ISP services from static single IP number assignment of a legal IP number to an entire subnet. If you're a home user, and you qualify for Verizon (GTE), or QWest (US West) DSL, our pricing is the same as our basic 56K V.90 dialup service, except that DSL pricing is not eligible for all pre-pay discounts. Your home account must also meet the (DSL Policy) .

Internet Partners can order on your behalf your QWest or Verizon DSL service to assure that that you receive what you need, and not a bunch of services that you do not.

Internet Partners Inc. CAN provide installation assistance for the "Do-it-yourself" DSL installation kits available from the phone company, insertion of network adapter cards into your personal computer, or relocation of the DSL device. (We can also provide references for wiring contractors who can install network cabling from room-to-room) The cost is $125.00 per hour of time spent on site with a minimum of 1 hour billed. Working with one of our partners we also sell Network Adapter Cards. Network Card insertion requires that the CPU of the computer is brought to our offices.

Call us for assistance.  We can help determine if your phone line qualifies for DSL services, or maybe another option better suited to your needs.


For a technical explanation of our DSL service, Click here.

To view a reference chart of xDSL distances, Click here.

Security and your DSL connection


Please print out the following before you attempt to upgrade the firmware on your QWest Actiontec DSL modem.

QWest DSL Modem support page Click here .

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