Web Hosting

We offer Personal Web Hosting as a part of our Executive Partner packaging, which supplies basic personal hosting of static web pages on our UNIX-based servers.

We offer Basic Web Hosting as a part of our Professional Partner packaging, which supplies hosting of static web pages on our UNIX-based servers. For more advanced web applications we also offer our public CGI scripts, as well as the tools (Apache FrontPage extensions, Perl, server-side Java, Perl access to databases) to create your own. We'd be happy to work with you in order to determine what advanced features you require and how they will affect your hosting charges.

If you would prefer to develop from an Microsoft NT environment, we also offer web hosting from our Microsoft NT Servers. NT accounts include Perl scripting, and to this you may add advanced features using ASP scripting, server-side JavaScript and Java, NT FrontPage extensions, and MS Access database access, for additional fees.

FTP Hosting

As an additional service Internet Partners offers FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site hosting. FTP is the best way to exchange files over the Internet. The FTP hosting space can be used to store images for online auctions, graphic files for graphic developers, downloads for software developers to share with their customers, and any other purpose that could utilize FTP hosting.

BigNow is a joint venture with Internet Partners Inc. to provide economical web hosting services to the Internet community. BigNow recognizes that a large part of the costs of running a web hosting site are support costs, and understands that many people would rather support themselves and save some money than pay for support that they don't use. BigNow also recognizes that another large part of the costs of running a web hosting site is the deployment and support of Microsoft software on the hosting platform (such as Front Page), and understands that many people would rather save money and field their websites on Open Source software such as PHP.

BigNow specializes in low-support, low-cost, high-reliability web hosting built on the UNIX platform using industry-standard Open Source tools. This dovetails in well with Internet Partners Inc's service offerings so a Joint Venture made good sense for both of us. BigNow handles the technical aspects of the site serving, Internet Partners Inc. handles the billing and accounting aspects as well as the network connectivity.


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Should you not have a website currently, or are looking for someone to implement changes in your existing website, we suggest that you consider Compatible Computers (our sister company) for all of your website development needs.


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