Internet Partners exercises no control and has no responsibilities over the contents, accuracy or quality of the information you can obtain through its service. Furthermore, Internet Partners can not be held responsible or liable for acts of GOD, nature, strikes, war, civil upheaval, phone provider disruption.  Internet Partners makes no warranties of any kind for its service or access thereof and is not responsible for any personal, information or property damage that may occur due to the use of the service or technical/ power malfunction or any consequential damages.  Internet Partners can not be held responsible or liable for local or long distance phone charges, fees or bills.  Nor will we be responsible for hardware or software costs or fees incurred by you, the user, or any other third parties for your connection to us.  Internet Partners access systems and storage accounts may only be used for lawful purposes.  Internet Partners considers your email and other Internet accounts to be personal and confidential, and their usage and contents are the sole property and responsibility of the user.  We will, however cooperate with law enforcement agencies when authorized requests are made to us.  Unless otherwise prohibited, we will notify you of any such request for disclosure.  Prepaid Internet accounts are non-refundable.  Internet Partners account privileges are non-transferable.  Allowing multiple users to access your account is not allowed (unless otherwise noted in a user package).  Doing so may result in termination of your account after one warning.  Either party shall have the right to terminate a Agreement at any time, without cause on the giving of written notice. I acknowledge and understand that I will follow all provisions in the Service Agreement and Policy.  I agree to the conditions set forth in this Service Agreement and Policy.  Failure to do so will terminate my account with Internet Partners without any refund.  If user is under 18, a parent or guardian must cosign a service agreement.


Internet Partners offers 30 days of free tech support only for software stated in the “Platform/ Software List” Section.  After setting up your account, on request one of our staff will fax, or mail you your “information packet."  The “Information Packet” will contain all the information needed for you to setup your Internet software on your current platform.  If after you, the user, have followed all the instructions and are not able to connect to us with your computer, then one of our professionally trained staff will assist you.  The “Information Packet” will contain the following;

1)    “Internet Access Information Form”

2)    “Setup Instructions” (for your current Platform)

Our staff of professionals will help you connect to the Internet and make sure you have setup your email software.  It is not our intentions to train or teach you how to surf, send or receive email or any other Internet service (i.e., ftp, irc, web page design, etc.).  We can make recommendations of good training centers for you to learn how to better achieve maximum results of the power of the Internet.

If one of our staff does diagnose a problem with any hardware or software conflicts on your system, we will advise you to resolve these issues before we can continue to help you become connected.  However, if there is a conflict on your system you, the user, will still be responsible for the monthly charge for your Internet account.  In the event that you ask us to hold your account, a $5.00 reopening fee will apply.

If you change your platform, you can download the setup instructions for your new platform from our web site,  ( If after you, the user, have followed all the instructions and are not able to connect to us with your computer, then we will assist you on your new platform for a rate of $40.00 per hour.  A one-hour minimum rate will apply.


Ask for our list of currently supported Software.


Freeware and Shareware software do not have all the features that retail versions may have. We reserve the right to support any Freeware and Shareware software.  By our supporting of any Freeware or Shareware, does not release you, the user, from paying for the use of that product.  Furthermore, we do not collect the monies for such products in use by you, the user. We strongly suggest that you purchase a retail version of the product.

***NOTE: We do NOT support beta software. 


If you lose your passwords or would like to have them changed, Internet Partners will do so with a written request.  You may email, fax, or send us a letter via the US Mail system.  We view good security measures as a needed thing.


In time you will discover that you can send and receive attachments via email.  This is really not advised for it can corrupt your email file.  In the event that your email file becomes corrupted, we will have to delete those files.  Internet Partners reserves the right to charge you a $20.00 service charge each time this service is done.  In addition, we request that your email be removed off the server at least once every 2 weeks.  Internet Partners server’s are not intended to be your permanent storage for your email/s.  If we find that email is left on our server longer than 2 weeks, we may delete the mail.  Internet Partners will not be held responsible or liable for any email/s or files deleted.

Support Hours:

Our regular hours of support are from 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday – Friday at +1 503 690 2700.  Support questions can also be e-mailed to or posted to the web interface .

Billing Information:

For billing inquiries, Please contact Accounting at phone +1 503 690 2700, fax +1 503 690 9700, e-mail