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Symantec Security Check is a free service designed to help you understand your computer's exposure to online security intrusions and virus threats. To access site click here .

Use Windows Update on a regular basis,  or Schedule Automatic Updates in Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003  Click here for more details.  NOTE:  close ALL programs before you run updates.  If this is a host server your need to turn off all the services you can before you attempt any patch. Exchange Server may not work after a patch if this is not done.  U.S. Department of Homeland Security US-CERT strongly encourages users to install and maintain anti-virus software and exercise caution when handling attachments. Anti-virus software may not be able to scan password protected archive files so users must use discretion when opening archive files and should scan files once extracted from an archive.  Why should I run Windows update?

09/25/2000 Thursday [Symantec] W95.Hybris.gen W95.Hybris is a worm that spreads by email as an attachment to outgoing email messages.  The email message or subject may include, but is not limited to "", "Snow White and the Seven dwarves"  Due to a recent increase in world-wide infections of this worm, SARC is increasing the threat level of this worm to 4 and adding it to the "Top Threats" list. For more information see Symantec or McAfee .

06/20/2000 Tuesday VBS.Stages.A - This worm appears as an attachment titled LIFE_STAGES.TXT.SHS. Execution of this attachment will open a text file in Notepad displaying the male and female stages of life. Whilst the user is reading the text file the script is executing in the background. This worm spreads itself using Outlook, ICQ, mIRC and PIRCH. SARC suggests that corporate customers configure their email filtering systems to filter out or stop all incoming emails that have attachments with .SHS extensions. VBS.Stages.  A Fix Symantec has developed a tool to remove the changes to a computer system caused by VBS.Stages.A worm Click Here .   For more information on this virus see CNN, Symantec, McAfee.

05/26/2000 Friday - FBI advised computer users not to open e-mail with the subject line "Resume - Janet Simons," to deactivate the executive summary feature in Outlook, then to delete the e-mail without opening it. The executive summary feature will select, and essentially open, an e-mail file even as a user scrolls a list of incoming messages. .  See CNN, Symantec, and McAfee .

05/19/2000 Friday New strain of virus hits computer e-mail.   We made changes to our Sendmail mail server that will change file attachments with the .vbs extension to ~vbs.dat .

05/08/2000 Monday Again a number of variations of the ILOVEYOU virus are making their way around the world. We at Internet Partners are working diligently to try, and protect our users from these threats.

We have installed the latest version of Sendmail (8.10.1), and have monitored the anti virus sites to keep abreast of the latest news. Throughout the past few days we have made numerous changes in this endeavor.

Possible solutions for Microsoft Exchange server are Trend Micro , Symantec .

Visit Microsoft Virus Alert , CNN , MSNBC , Symantec , Infoworld ,and Dr. Solomon for more information.

05/05/2000 Friday Love bug morphs into Mother's Day gift bomb

05/04/2000 Thursday Destructive 'ILOVEYOU' computer virus strikes worldwide, and new version of the program is winging its way around the Internet.


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