SpamAssassinis a mail filter to identify "SPAM". Using its rule base, it uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text to identify "SPAM", also known as unsolicited commercial email.  SpamAssassin™ then assigns a weighted "SPAM SCORE" to various e-mail features. Are the message headers corrupted? Does the body contain html code? Was the message generated by an application which forges an MS Outlook ID? Is the sending e-mail server on a blacklist? Does the body contain suspect words? These are some of the tests utilized by SpamAssassin™ as it generates an overall measure—the sum of the individual tests—of the likelihood that a particular message is "SPAM"

 All eMail messages for all users that are received by MAIL.IPINC.NET are processed through the SpamAssassin™ program.  This includes eMails that are not marked " *****SPAM***** " in the subject line.  SpamAssassin™ makes its best effort to identify the "SPAM" emails.  It will however miss some.  It may also give false positives, and mark messages as ******SPAM****** that are not "SPAM".

Please do not send us eMail messages that you think should be marked as SPAM.

If you have eMails that you always receive from a given eMail address that is always marked "******SPAM******" by mistake we can take care of this.

Forward the message you wish to have us WHITELIST a eMail address please follow these steps.

1. Forward to eMail address
2. Replace ALL of the text in the subject line that includes *****SPAM***** with only the one word WHITELIST
3. Please REMOVE any attached files
4. Remove ALL text in the body except the eMail address you wish to have us add to the WHITELIST

If you do not wish to have any of your eMail processed by the SpamAssassin™ program please send an eMail with the eMail address ( or addresses ) to . As the 'Subject' put 'ALL SPAM TO'. Click here to access our online form.



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