Recommended Equipment


U.S.Robotics USR5610B 56K* V.92 Performance Pro Modem is Controller-based for superior performance.  It is compatible with a number of operating systems including DOS, Linux, and Windows. ( click here for more details ). 



U.S.Robotics USR5686E 56K* V.92 External Faxmodem - This works well connected to a single computer, or used in conjunction with the U.S.Robotics USR8000A Router to share an internet connection with multiple computers. ( click here for more details ).


Internet sharing

 Broadband Router

U.S.Robotics USR8000A Router - This device can be used to share a connection to the internet by either Broadband DSL, ISDN, or analog modem.  We feel this device gives our users the most flexibility at a reasonable price ( click here for more details ).


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